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5 good reasons for video analysis with Clipbird Dance

The leading video analysis software for dance lovers, teachers and choreographers. Clipbird Dance supports you in efficiently checking the choreography and rehearsing the dance steps.

All your cho­reo­gra­phies – one tool

A cho­reo­gra­phy, count­less fast move­ments, steps and jumps. Do you also rewind and rewind count­less times in vide­os to rehe­ar­se your favou­rite cho­reo­gra­phy?

Do you regu­lar­ly get lost in all tho­se lightning-fast move­ments when you look a few seconds too long?

With Clip­bird Dance you can mark the steps you want to prac­ti­ce or ana­ly­ze with just two clicks, and play them over and over again by sim­ply pres­sing a sin­gle key.

Also in slow moti­on if necessa­ry!

The sce­ne with the clap-clap sli­de

With Clip­bird Dance, you can easi­ly break down any cho­reo­gra­phy into indi­vi­du­al step sequen­ces for bet­ter prac­ti­ce. Give them a name, may­be make a few notes, e.g. on which step the jump comes and save the pro­ject. The next time you want to prac­ti­ce, load the video, all the steps and all your notes with the pro­ject and con­ti­nue whe­re you left off last time.

And if the video was acci­dent­al­ly shot upsi­de down, sim­ply rota­te it 90 degrees with one click. Whe­ther in real-time, slow-motion or frame-by-frame ana­ly­sis, Clip­bird Dance allows detail­ed ana­ly­sis of pos­tu­re, move­ment and expres­si­on. It’s all about the details!

Ana­ly­ze the per­for­mance

Are you a dance tea­cher or cho­reo­gra­pher and would like to show your stu­dents or the ensem­ble a cer­tain place? Crea­te a clip of this sce­ne with just two clicks. You can crea­te your comments on the clip in Clip­bird Dance.

Export the sce­ne over­view tog­e­ther with the notes as PDF!

The fine tem­po con­trol in the video makes the detail­ed ana­ly­sis of the cho­reo­gra­phy very easy. Tog­e­ther with your dan­cers, you can view and dis­cuss the iden­ti­fied points and notes – clear­ly arran­ged and cen­tral­ly in one app­li­ca­ti­on.

Mana­ge video mate­ri­al pro­fes­sio­nal­ly

Sim­pli­fy the manage­ment of your cho­reo­gra­phies and record­ings with Clip­bird Dance: All notes and sce­nes are stored cen­tral­ly in a pro­ject file, and can be rel­oa­ded and used for com­pa­ri­sons at any time.

Give your dan­cers the Clip­bird pro­ject file so that they can have a look at it again in the evening. Alter­na­tively, you can export indi­vi­du­al sce­nes, still images and a PDF docu­ment with all your notes.

Test Clip­bird, licen­se it cheap and share it

Try Clip­bird Dance in the free tri­al ver­si­on or con­ta­ct us for a non-binding intro­duc­tion to the soft­ware. With the full Clip­bird licen­se you get all the fea­tures you need for an opti­mal lear­ning and tea­ching expe­ri­ence & result.

Try Clipbird for free!

We also offer a licen­se part­ners­hip for insti­tu­tes, tea­chers and cho­reo­graph­ers who would like to dis­tri­bu­te or sell Clip­bird Dance to their dan­cers and stu­dents.

Make your work much easier for you and your dan­cers – with Clip­bird Dance.

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