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5 good reasons for video analysis with Clipbird Moto

Developed by racers for racers and instructors, Clipbird helps you analyze your video recordings efficiently. Whether in real-time, slow-motion or frame-by-frame analysis.

Many trai­nees – one tool

One race­track, several days, dozens of stu­dents and thus dozens of trai­ning ses­si­ons and video record­ings.

With Clip­bird Moto you can easi­ly and quick­ly ana­ly­ze them, save important sce­nes in the video, and add notes for later dis­cus­sion.

During the ana­ly­sis, never again look for this one place in the video with the tur­ning point on the sup­ply path you want to point to – just load it with a sin­gle click, inclu­ding your pre­vious­ly made notes! 

So that you & your trai­nees get more out of trai­ning.

Easi­ly view, cut & take notes of your racing vide­os

Giga­bytes of video mate­ri­al make racing ana­ly­sis a mam­mo­th task. Clip­bird Moto, on the other hand, makes video manage­ment child’s play: Sce­nes in the record­ings can be defi­ned, saved and label­led in a user-friendly way. Best of all, the pro­ject can be loa­ded and view­ed again at any time.

What a bum­mer! The video was acci­dent­al­ly recor­ded over head! No pro­blem, with just one click it is tur­ned in 90-degree steps. Whe­ther in real time, in slow moti­on or image by image ana­ly­sis, Clip­bird Moto allows a detail­ed ana­ly­sis of pos­tu­re, ide­al line, cor­rect tur­ning points and ever­ything that goes with it.

Edit video and ana­ly­ze spe­ci­fic sce­nes in a flash

If you find an important point in your trainee’s video, such as a faul­ty acce­le­ra­ti­on pha­se or a rele­vant visu­al points on the race­track of which you want to make him awa­re of, you can crea­te a clip of this sce­ne with just two clicks. You can crea­te your comments on the rele­vant clip in Clip­bird Moto right away.

The sen­si­ble speed con­trol in the video play­er makes detail­ed ana­ly­sis of the racing sce­nes a child’s play. Tog­e­ther with your trai­nees, you can view and dis­cuss the iden­ti­fied points and notes – simp­le and easy in a sin­gle app­li­ca­ti­on.

Mana­ge trai­ning mate­ri­al pro­fes­sio­nal­ly

Have you ever lost your notes some­whe­re in the motor­home? Have you ever for­got­ten in which turn you or your trai­nee had dif­fi­cul­ties last year? And would you or your trai­nees like to take the trai­ning mate­ri­al with them? That was all yes­ter­day.

Sim­pli­fy the admi­nis­tra­ti­on of your trai­ning data signi­fi­cant­ly with Clip­bird Moto: All notes and sce­nes are stored cen­tral­ly in a pro­ject file, hence can be rel­oa­ded at the next trai­ning ses­si­on and used for fur­ther com­pa­ri­son. Make follow-up ses­si­ons more valu­able!

After the ana­ly­sis, you can give the Clip­bird pro­ject file to your trai­nees so that they can watch ever­ything again at their leisu­re on the race­cour­se in the evening. Alter­na­tively, you can export indi­vi­du­al sce­nes and a PDF docu­ment with detail­ed trai­ning notes for your trai­nees.

Test Clip­bird Moto, licen­se it chea­ply and pass it on to your trai­nees

Test Clip­bird Moto in the free tri­al ver­si­on or con­ta­ct us for a non-binding intro­duc­tion to the soft­ware.

We also offer a licen­se part­ners­hip for inst­ruc­tors who want to sell or dis­tri­bu­te Clip­bird Moto to their trai­nees. Offer your cus­to­mers high-quality trai­ning and make your work easier at the same time – with Clip­bird Moto.

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