• Defi­ne up to 18 sce­nes with dif­fe­rent start and end times
  • Quick play­back of defi­ned sce­nes or still images by pres­sing the sin­gle but­ton
  • Add notes to each sce­ne and save them for later use
  • Save & load all sce­nes and addi­tio­nal infor­ma­ti­on such as notes via pro­ject file
  • Rota­te vide­os up to 360 degrees in 90 degree steps with a sin­gle mou­se click
  • Auto­ma­tic pau­se of play­back when the defi­ned end time is reached
  • Switch spon­ta­ne­ous­ly and seam­less­ly bet­ween defi­ned sce­nes or still images with one click
  • Play back indi­vi­du­al sce­nes as often as you like at the touch of a but­ton
  • Fast for­ward and rewind in the hund­redths of a second ran­ge
  • Play­back speed infi­ni­te­ly varia­ble from 1 % to 200 %
  • Con­ve­ni­en­t­ly save still images with a right click and print them on demand
  • Crea­te a PDF over­view for all sce­nes & stills with tit­le, comments and time infor­ma­ti­on
  • Export selec­ted sce­nes or still images to stan­da­lo­ne video
  • Drag & Drop of vide­os and pro­ject files
  • Mul­ti­l­an­guage (Win­dows ver­si­on only)
  • Search
  • Zoom (Win­dows ver­si­on only)


Play­back of defi­ned sce­nes and still images is only pos­si­ble wit­hin Clip­bird. Expor­ted sce­nes can of cour­se be play­ed back in all com­mon app­li­ca­ti­ons such as Media Play­er or iMo­vie.

Fur­ther details on the func­tions can be found in the user gui­de.

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