Frequently asked questions about Clipbird

Videos are played back without sound

“The vide­os are play­ed back without sound. The vide­os are play­ed cor­rect­ly with sound in the media play­er.“
Solu­ti­on: The­re is no AC3 fil­ter on your sys­tem. Plea­se install an AC3 fil­ter. You can down­load it for Win­dows here: K‑Lite_Codec_Pack_1300_Basic

Activation does not work

For the acti­va­ti­on we use the online ser­vices of our licen­se pro­vi­der LimeLM®. With this pro­vi­der all our licen­ses are gene­ra­ted and the acti­va­ti­on is assi­gned to the cor­re­spon­ding licen­se.
For a suc­cess­ful acti­va­ti­on it is essen­ti­al that a con­nec­tion to is pos­si­ble. If no con­nec­tion can be estab­lis­hed, the acti­va­ti­on can­not be per­for­med. In this case, plea­se check your fire­wall set­tings and adjust them if necessa­ry. If the fire­wall set­tings can­not be adjus­ted, an off­line acti­va­ti­on is also pos­si­ble.

Offline activation

To acti­va­te Clip­bird, select the appro­pria­te menu item in the acti­va­ti­on menu and fol­low the inst­ruc­tions.

Off­line acti­va­ti­on is done via an XML file gene­ra­ted on your com­pu­ter, which you can send to us by email. We will per­form the acti­va­ti­on and return an “ActivationResponse.xml” file, which you can read when you start Clip­bird.