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5 good reasons for video analysis with
Clipbird Marte Meo

The leading video analysis software for all therapists, educators and consultants who work with video and often perform small-step analyses.

Use the power of images

Even a short video is a gold mine and con­tains count­less infor­ma­ti­on about exis­ting com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on skills and resour­ces.

Find the most beau­ti­ful smi­le, the focu­sed look and the inte­res­ted swin­ging along.

The fine speed con­trol in the video – in slow moti­on or even frame-by-frame play­back if desi­red – makes detail­ed ana­ly­sis child’s play. Mark the per­fect video sequen­ces or still images with just two clicks!

Add notes to clips and still images and save all infor­ma­ti­on to a pro­ject file for later use.

Save yourself the hass­le of cut­ting vide­os

Are you also tired of tedious video edi­t­ing app­li­ca­ti­ons with end­less menus and hund­reds of fea­tures? Are you also was­ting valu­able time edi­t­ing your record­ings? Time you’d rather invest in ana­ly­zing the con­tent? Do you also want more sim­pli­ci­ty in hand­ling the tech­no­lo­gy?

With Clip­bird you can easi­ly load the pre­pa­red video during the ses­si­on with your cli­ents. Sim­ply press a but­ton to navi­ga­te to the desi­red clip with a hund­redth of a second accu­ra­cy and play it back. Of cour­se, play­back stops auto­ma­ti­cal­ly at the end mar­ker.

Easy note and export func­tions

If you want to give your cli­ents the sequen­ces and pic­tures to take home, Clip­bird will auto­ma­ti­cal­ly cut them for you in one go. The ori­gi­nal video is not chan­ged.

You can print or save a beau­ti­ful still image at any time with just one click.

Have you defi­ned the per­fect sequen­ces and made your notes? Clip­bird can crea­te a PDF over­view of all sequen­ces and stills, inclu­ding times, tit­les and notes.

File the PDF as docu­men­ta­ti­on with the video or print it out and use it as an over­view during the next ses­si­on.

Dedi­ca­te your atten­ti­on to your cli­ents

You can rely on Clip­bird during the ses­si­ons. Watch your cli­ents while they are watching the clips so that you don’t miss spon­ta­ne­ous reac­tions. You can play clips over and over again by sim­ply pres­sing a but­ton.

Thanks to Clip­bird, tech­no­lo­gy takes a back seat and the focus shifts to con­sul­ting. This is exact­ly how it should be. You will feel the dif­fe­rence.

Test Clip­bird and down­load a 30 day tri­al

Test Clip­bird in the free tri­al ver­si­on! Get all the fea­tures you need for an opti­mal expe­ri­ence & result. The time savings that Clip­bird offers will pay for the cost of a year­ly licen­se in no time.

Download 30 day trial version

We also offer a licen­sing part­ners­hip for insti­tu­tes, trai­ners and super­vi­sors who wish to dis­tri­bu­te or sell Clip­bird to their trai­nees or super­vi­sors.

Make your work much easier for you and your col­leagues with Clip­bird.

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